Misadventures at level 3

So, I logged on one night this week and decided to do some exploring. I just wanted to wander around, and I figured I’d be able to teleport back home if I really got into an area I was too low level for.

I wandered through the forest and found this weird looking zoo. It had a few NPCs, but no other players around. There was like this weird giraffe with a human face? It was a tad creepy for me, so I left out of what I assumed was the same enterance I had come in. I’m not sure that it was, but I got killed by this boar. I thought that this was a blessing in disguise, since I was going to head back to low level area anyway, and I thought that that would be nearest graveyard. It wasn’t. I found myself in a snow village with NPCs in parkas. I followed this one character a bit (again, assuming a village would be safe) and the NPC just disappeared. I was a little weirded out by that, but I didn’t have much time to really think about because a snow stag killed me. One hit and I’m dead. I reappear at the same snowy graveyard, with the stag waiting for me; just staring at my ghost. I tried reawakening and running, no luck, since i can’t flee quickly enough to get away from this stag. Once time I managed to avoid it enough to get the danger music to stop, and I was killed by a snow tiger.

Anyway, I’ve since gotten myself out of my predicament. I had to log off, wait a few hours, and when I logged back on the stag had left. I teleported home to safety and have since decided not to wander off again. :slight_smile: I figured someone might get some enjoyment out of my misadventure at level 3. Thanks for reading and have a great night!


Sounds like you exited the north gate of the Zoological Garden instead of the south, could happen to anyone!

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