Misc mob/boss issues/bugs


Couple of annoying issues and bugs with mobs and bosses I’ve noticed while playing.

  • If a tear caster dies while doing link shield, the link shield stays up until it normally would have ended if not interrupted.

  • If a stafraster starts it’s interrupt fase while re-positioning it walks all the way up to whoever it’s agroed on and sometimes past them.

  • The stafrasters and scav knights healing phase interrupt isn’t affected by break it.

  • While the scav and tear giants now have cast bars for the smash(thank you for fixing that) they are sometimes layered incorrectly and is hidden behind the boss model.

  • The lich king boss often break and stop doing anything other than the Death Burst, spawning adds and pools, he just stands there without shooting single bolts, melee hitting and not even following anyone. It still takes full damage tho

  • In the sewer dungeon there are 2 packs with 3 melee elites, on higher level shards there is no way to actually survive tanking them for long enough that the DPS manage to take down one of them. As a warrior my big shield goes down in about 4 seconds on a t10 if I let them all hit my shield and then I die 2 seconds after that(this is with full +4 armor and a +3 sword). you said you’d take a look at it during the extended beta, but nothing has happened yet so I thought I’d mention it again.

  • still cases of mobs being “stuck” in broken halls, causing the whole pack to reset as soon as you hit any of them. only workaround we’ve found is to polymorph the stuck mob, kill the rest and then stack on or pushback the one that is stuck.

  • The adds and add boxes from gorgon count towards the mob percentage when you kill them.

  • The adds on sewer slime are affected by the mobile mutation.

  • Mobs can be body pulled thorough walls, especially on alert shards. mostly just an issue on broken halls.

  • Either I’m really unlucky or ring drop rates on world bosses are too low, I only got one ring from 34 kills:

  • Sometimes the mobs reset after killing their main target even if there are other players on the aggro table. I’ve seen it happening a lot on Airship, but it can happen in every other dungeon.
  • Ranger weak points get covered by mage spells when the mage spells hit mobs and need to be changed so they are always on top (only rangers see weak points anyway so wont hurt) or mage particle effect reduced greatly

  • when lich king turns red ranger weak points become very hard to see, an outline to them may fix this

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I have to add:

  • Can we please get rid/get an option to turn that off, that the mobs healthbar zoomes to the middle of my screen and I can’t literally see anything anymore

  • the Lava Totem is bugged so many times, it’s just not respawning on my belt, reequip helps but bad in the middle of a fight

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  • if stafrasters change agro or decide that it needs to change position while casting wild bolts it’ll cast the first one in the direction it should, then reposition before immediately firing the other one making it nearly impossible to dodge.

Let me know if this is still happening after today’s patch.

Should be fixed in today’s patch.

We’ll re-tune that fight in today’s patch.

Is it just any mob randomly or are there certain places/packs it affects?

Fixed in today’s patch.

I think we turned this off specifically on the rats for the level on the first boss in that dungeon because it affected the core mechanic of the boss fight, but in general the minor mutations are mostly active during boss fights, just the major mutations aren’t.

Hmmm it should be around a 10% drop chance. Could just be luck, but I’ll be sure.

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I think this would likely happen if there were other targets on the aggro table but the boss can’t actually get to that target. E.g. if you were on the Airship and standing like right next to one of the walls of the ship maybe? Is that what’s happening?

We reduced the size of the mage explosions in today’s patch, but I’ve also taken another stab at making sure crit spots show up on top of other stuff. Let me know if that helps.

This is in-progress, expect an option for it later this week.


We usually don’t stay close to the walls and it still happens, we can also re-engage correctly without changing location so i don’t think it’s about position.


it’s usually one of these or both.


Also, when is that wall going to get fixed? Getting really tired of telling people to stay away from the far wall or you’ll agro in the hallway. Or they drift to close and agro those groups and then apologize to the group for their screw up. But really its not their fault, its a wall mobs should ignore whats on the other side. Not act like its not even there.


Ok I am totally confused now… aren’t minor mutations only supposed to affect trash? Is for example Break It (I thought: minor mutation) active on bosses or not? If it’s active on Minotaur that would not be a very nice shard, but I don’t think it is, there was - I believe - even a thread about it.

I slowly miss a list of all mutations and what they do… I guess break it is clear and difficult to dodge too, but what on earth is for example weakened, on low shards we don’t see any difference.


Yeah there are some minor mutations like Break It that would affect boss mechanics so much we don’t have those active. But others like Aggressive or Mobile (for adds) are.

Weakened reduces the effectiveness of the armor of all the Players.


Which wall is it they are aggroing through? is it number 1 in the photo below?


yes number 1, number 2 can also be pulled on alert


Okay and I assume they are pulling from the hallway behind wall 3, where the mobs were getting stuck?


yes 20 characters


Okay Ill see about getting those mobs moved around to try and prevent that, and well also keep that in mind when designing dungeons in the future.

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So are there mutations that are active on the bosses? Or is it just some of them are active for the boss adds?

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Broken Hall is a much more compact dungeon than the others which has caused these issues. I like the layout just wish it was scaled up a bit.

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Please try to keep in mind that rangers need to have a distance of 15m to get their globes too while designing the dungeons and raids

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