Missing Persons


Missing Persons quest chain, if you know what it is I wanted to let the community know the first 4 objectives can be completed currently. The final 3 are tied into the June 11th update. As always the community surprises me with how fast they can figure things out, as I thought those first 4 objectives would keep everyone busy until well after the update. Just wanted to let everyone know so you are not wasting time looking for the 3 objectives not in game yet. Also there is nothing inside of walls/rocks/etc that will cause black screen effects, and if there is let me know so I can get it fixed as that is not intended.

I have a few questions I’d like some feedback on it if you can PM me to avoid spoilers for everyone else. Is it fun to do? Would it better as more of a scavenger hunt? Does the lore behind the quest matter or is it just the “hunt” that is fun? Any other feedback is appreciated, thanks.

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Is it June 11th already? :joy:


You’re just living in the future :rofl:

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Iv got the same. The future is strange.


i only have 3


U guys move ur base to Australia?

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im in the future now too, so fancy here :rofl:


That was my mistake, I didnt think that the 5th one was in yet (thought I had removed it) so its just 6 and 7 that will come with the June 11th patch. On the Gunter title, you should of gotten that from a different quest line.

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So are the 6th and 7th also “removed” or did they never exist? :upside_down_face:


I believe they never existed, and we have to add them in along with the patch.


Going to necro this post and let the community know that all steps are in. If you have any hope of finding them all though you will have to be steed fast in your resolve and ensure your not horsing around on the last clue.

Edit: just want to clarify, this is not a clue pertaining to the quest, this was my attempt at being punny.


Hahha! Called it


this is driving me nuts and i love it

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Ditto lol.

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then wheres my mount so 6 ad 7 is gone :rofl:


still looking for 6 and 7