Missing Pockets

Hello, a party of five and I left the jungle dungeon and I spawned underground (I was the only one that did). Instead of initially hitting return to graveyard, I was going to teleport to my house. I could not equip it, though, because my pocket spots were gone. So I hit return to graveyard, pockets still missing. Logged out, logged in, same. That’s about it till I came to post.

Edit about 2 hours after original post: my pockets never reappeared, and in case it’s relevant, Oculus Rift user, play through Steam, and I’ve never tried the beta option (it always slips my mind).

Hope everyone has a good one!

My mother’s voice echoes in my mind
“Well have you checked your pockets?”

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Are your pockets still missing now?

Pockets have returned! Thank you :slight_smile:


My pockets have run away again :sweat_smile: When I logged in a moment ago (first time today) first thing I was going to do was equip my teleport device and teleport home, but no pocket spots.

Can you send me your output_log?

I think I sent it via email.

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