Missions up to level 29 only


So I have seen lots of class leveling threads and I was talked with some people and they were complaining about people being able to hit 30 without leaving highsteppe. Maybe the missions could go till 29. Then for each class you had to choose from a choice of missions (one per class) that would give you your level 30. The point of the missions would be to get people to explore the realm and get to know it a little more, get teleport totems, maybe go out and do your grinding pot. And if they is 8 biomes then 1 mission per biome. If it’s more, have a few for a mission, and if it’s less then have a final quest that covers all biomes (final quest as in last 30).


If you were to level up without leaving highsteppe, that means you were surviving off of only the mouse missions
If you mean highsteppe area it’s doubtful this will ever change due to the level scaling. Anyway it doesn’t matter because that would be a very slow method of leveling. Sure it’s annoying that it’s possible, but nobody is stupid enough to do that


Also battlegrounds but my point remains


Your definition of quick off. For casual players, playing 30min you can do 2-3 entry level kill missions (they give the same xp as going further away does, that is messed up), and turning these in for gold triggers 3-4 gathering missions. As long as you don’t play enough that you pass that 5 tokens a day average level you can gain 3-4 levels a week and be level 30 in a couple months without doing anything at all.


In a couple of months
Like I said, nobody is that stuipid


I said CASUAL players. You guys doing the raids aren’t the only one paying for the game.

Those mission tokens shouldnt go all the way back to level 1.


I said nothing about the raids or any end game content and I dont quite understand what your trying to say.
I’m just saying, NOBODY is stupid enough to never leave highsteppe to level up, unless it was for a challenge or something. Having the ability to doesn’t matter.


It takes easily less than a week if you have free time to level all the way to 30 on a fresh character


I did. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t trying to, but like I said, you walk out the front door and gain a level. I always had all the missions so the game was always encouraging me to kill the guys right at the door. I only play 30min at a time and I like to walk through the world so every time I played it was usually 3-4 highsteep kill missions, 3-4 gathering quests, and maybe 1 thing somewhere else.

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I leveled 6/8 classes not with missions anyway, but with events, these are preferred by those not doing (all) missions and it’s as fast as well. You can do the HS events over and over too so tryin to force it (for you 1st/2nd class) would not help very much.

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Until the fall season event, I never left highsteppe. I did gate defense and portal events, and the associated quests for them, and que’d for dungeons when I was waiting on events, because I enjoy the events and dungeons.

Though to be fair, this is nothing new, since in nearly every MMO after WoW, I’ve always just sat in town, que’d for dungeons, and did those until I was max level. I could have gone out to explore, but I didn’t want to, so why should I be forced to? Plus, I usually went and explored after I was max so it was safe and I knew the mobs couldn’t kill me, so I didn’t have to worry about watching my back while I enjoy the sunlight streaming through the trees.

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Sorry I called you stupid :stuck_out_tongue:


But I don’t really understand that, because you could have leveled up faster if you left highsteppe


To me, the exp/level scaling made killing lots of weak enemies faster than killing stuff that was my level, because while I can kill ~90 of the stafrushers outside the gate at 125 xp each in 15 minutes, as opposed to an enemy of my level giving (effectively) double the xp per kill but having triple the time to kill each, it’s inefficient.
Combine that with quests (obviously) and the events that give 7,500 every 15-20 minutes and I’m getting 15,000 xp per 30 minutes (from events) and another almost 12,000 if I grind between events, then I’m getting around 39,000 xp per 30 minutes. Not counting quests or dungeons, of course. So that’s a little above 3 quests worth of exp per 30 minutes, and a full day’s set of quest tokens every hour of gameplay.

It’s efficient, and the public events (much like the rifts in the MMO Rift) hardcore fuel my ADD, so to me they’re fun. Lol.


Yes you can level up faster by going to more areas for public events and quests but it does not really matter. With how much quest xp there is there is no intensive to go to higher level zones. Perhaps if you start getting missions at say level 10 with a quest line at the start to get you to level 10 then you can start doing missions and can only use dailies once you get a level 30. Or even better: A questline that takes you to max level or near max level like the old main story.