Mixed reality brake after login

Hey Duds,
I´m from German so Sorry if me English is not the best.

I will make asome Streming on Twitch the Game and YouTube.
But i will do some MR stuff.
I have done a lot and now the game ist start up in MR.
But only in the sreen i can target my Char.
When i go to Login the MR Screen turnt into the normal FOV mode.
I Play on Oculus have use the Camera align tool for MR Setup and after thies i have launch the application using the command line argument -mixedrealit.
Link to discription i have tu use:

an i Need qudratic view (Background, front, HMD view, Alpha) Alpha is not importent

Thanks a lot for helping me
@ Dev. Best game i have and PLS help me^^

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