Mob AOE Attacks not doing damage

While fighting Wilderboars in the Rainforest I was hit by their AOE attacks and took no damage from the attack. I did further testing and found that as of right now, Spirits, Infested Spirits, Firebugs, Wyvrens, Plains guardians, The level 8 Dungeon Boss & Stalactites don’t seem to do any damage with their AOEs (Stalactites do still stun the dungeon boss as they should though). I haven’t had time to find the other mobs & Aberrations that have AOEs, but I believe that this would affect them as well. All of those mobs standard attacks & debuff attacks do work properly.

I noticed that same with the boars…I had forgotten until now.

Wow, okay, thanks for the heads-up! I will look into that, as obviously that’s a pretty big balance bug. Haha.

Does your healthbar flash but it just seems like you aren’t taking any damage, or does the healthbar not even flash?

I just pushed out a server-side fix that I think should have fixed this issue. If it works on one of them now it should work on all of them, so please let me know if you see it working now. Thanks!

Confirm on AOE damage working now

Yup, AOE damage is working once again. When it was broken the hp bar did not flash when hit by an aoe, now that it has been fixed the flash appears & HP loss is visible.

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