Mobile app for crafting/aging


A mobile app that would allow you to craft potions and manage aging would be a really nice tool to have at our disposal. It would allow us to do one of the more tedious and time consuming tasks when we can’t be in VR, allowing us to participate when we are at work or whatever.


I actually really like this idea, far too many current games are making separate mobile versions, or trying to make it cross-compatible where it can also be played on mobile, however I find these methods very silly to say the least. You have to either sacrifice game quality just to make it run well on mobile, or people have two different characters for mobile/nonmobile, which not everyone cares for.

I’ve always loved the idea of a game allowing it’s crafting and market place to be done via mobile, but keep the rest of the game how it is.
I know this game doesn’t have an auction house, but being able to visit the vendor shops, alchemy lab, manage your storage and inventory all from your phone would be such an awesome feature to have.


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