Mobs leashing in walls

When fighting mobs near walls, tight spaces or corners if they try to do there dodge mechanic they will move them selfs into the wall and leash.

Example of this recently and is a prime place for this to happen is the corner to the right of the dragon race score board sign in the sewer

Not the best screenshot but I took it after the rat we are fighting reset from dodging into the wall where I circled in red. This made the tank have to bring it away from ANY wall/edge so that it wouldn’t happen again.

This seems to be an issue for all mobs that can dodge, I think to solve this there needs to be a check if the mob can actually stand to where it’s moving too if there isn’t a system check there already.

Thank you for the feedback. We’re tracking this issue and aware of the problem - like you said, it happens in the overworld too but much less so since obviously there’s more space, so we’ll have to revisit how it works. I think there is a check in place but it’s been inconsistent.

It was also a Mobile shard in that situation. Mobile makes the mobs sometimes jump way past the tank and thus run into a spot where it de-aggro’s. Mobile contributes to multiple de-aggro moments for sure.