Mobs like to get stuck

So there is this wonderful bug (no pun intended) that doesn’t appear to have a specific (or at least not known) cause. Mobs like to just get stuck somewhere and that’s it. They’re there for good, no takebacks, can’t damage them. My controller still rumbles when I sweep toward it, but there is no actual damage sound effect, and nothing happens. Now, one could argue that it’s just a graphical error, but every player can see the same stuck mob, and it’s there for hours. Like I just asked some guys about this Wasp and they said they encountered it a couple hours ago and decided to leave it alone. The other real game-affecting problem with this is zones with a limited number of allowed mobs will have one less of that mob available, because it’s stuck somewhere unkillable. For instance, in the area I’m at (the edge of New Kingsport), there are 2 easy Wasps that will spawn/respawn in that little area, and I’m killing them for a quest. With this wasp stuck here the last few hours, I’ve only had one other wasp to kill, and it respawns somewhere between 5-10 minutes so it’ll be a good long while before I can complete this part of the quest, and seeing as the Wasp’s already been here hours, I don’t think I have the option to just leave and come back later.

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