MOBS why they all look the same


So heres an issue I’m having with orbus…not as of late just overall …but my question is why do almost every mob in game look identical… I mean once u leave highsteppe u see the same mobs every where .doesnt matter which zone ur in. They all look the same…theres what maybe 20 different mobs in overworld…throughout the zones so why cant they change to match the zone they r in…I only know which mob is which cause ive got 600 hours n game lol but dang…change the way they look…it doesmt help the game itself when u get in and actually take notice that they all look damn near the same…the game is go in great with the updates y’all doin but changing this wouldnt hurt imo…its like the game is progressing but the mobs r still looking like they in beta…wouldnt have to add any new mobs in if changed the way they look…and may actually cause new ppl to want to venture out amd check things out more…a little more variety would go a long way in orbus


20 different mobs is a stretch ill give them 9 or 10, honestly probably one of the laziest parts of the game, i get theiir reasoning or excuse is because like the world exploded and turned stuff into trees, but come on, there were probably more mods in alpha for the old game


Yea I did stretch my numbers lol giving em lil credit I guess…but ima say even in dungeons and outside besides the 3 - 4 basic…basic models their using…even maybe adding something or chamging colors on mobs would help specially when u got different mibs like tear general who looks identical to the other purples…and I do agree I think there was more variety in oldbus like damn we had BEE’S… In real world bees seem to live thru alot so how they not survive


This is one of my gripes. I thought after level 10 the mobs would get more interesting. I was wrong.

The mobs we do have are pretty solid though. Would be nice to have a bit more variety.

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I too find it rather lazy and unimaginative. Most games do this (a few different mob models then they change colors or designs) to make it easier. It would be nice if they introduced new types of monsters, especially in dungeons. Overall not a huge issue. Most types of mobs also have the same abilities as well so the learning curve is pretty easy

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Honestly the worst part about it for me personally (and I’m sure many other old Orbus players) is the fact there were TONS of different mobs in old Orbus. It feels so lazy and kinda like a big slap in the face with how lazily they went about designing the new mobs… It’s a huge contributor as to why Reborn feels more like a downgrade than an upgrade from old Orbus.


This, abberations too

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More attack sequences too would be nice, not just the mob-art(though it would be appreciated).

There’s also the skeleton model / rats which are only ever seen in crypt.

Currently it’s bolts/a bullet, slams, you get a dot exploding at your feet, getting smacked in melee. Did I miss anything that’s not a boss? That’s 4 attacks, and idk if we are gonna count a regular melee attack.

I don’t miss the red-zones, but like the charge-attack could be re-added that hogs had, for example, except the hog will actually run/charge forward rather than just teleport?

Potion Keeper for example was a fun fight, imo, because of the constant movement required (dodging the zones/getting behind pillars). Fights that have little movement don’t feel as involved. Even potion keeper could have used more (like creating a bullet hell periodically to force you out of position)

And this was a very old suggestion, but it would still be nice if bosses in dungeons gained different abilities at higher shard levels that made the fight more difficult.