Modification to precision ranger


Is it possible to change the precision ranger damage bar to have the maximum damage in the middle? If i recall correctly, if you slow down a little as a rapidity ranger, their bar doesn’t go down to zero, but as a precision ranger, if you miss by a fraction of a second in the late direction, you do basically no damage. It makes more sense to have the meter set up such that being closer to the target always deals more damage than being further away (which is very different from now, where being at 60% bar (40% away from target) deals vastly more damage than 1% bar(1% away from target).


I think it’s good as is, just time your shots, you get a vibration at about 90%, then you drop the arrow. Full bar is good, be it health, ult, or precision bar.


sure, but what i’ve noticed is that if you have even the slightest amount of latency, releasing at the vibration point does almost no damage. it just makes sense that if you are only off by a bit, you shouldnt suffer in damage by as much as you do if you are off by 1% on the bar.


Latency creates a lot of bad things, more often it’s breaking the 3.25 arrow per sec rule, wen it registers 10 arrows in a row.

I don’t think it affects precision, (I made be wrong), I think that’s client side together with ult dot damage and special arrows.


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