Money lost during glitch

I was in the auction house bidding on stall one I placed a bid of 10100 when I pressed place bit nothing happened so I pressed it a additional 4 times and my account was charged 40400 but the bid placed was only 10100. When I got out bidded I wend back to my player house to see if I could retrieve my 40400 dram but absolutely nothing was there not even the 10100 I was out bidded on. I would like to know is there anyway to recoup this loss I worked really hard the to get my dram.

If you throw an item in the chest where you sell stuff on the AH it will force the UI to update and your dram will be in there

Ok. I did that and I only got 15896 back. 10100 was from the bid and the other money is from a overworld crate I sold I am still missing 30300

If you give @Mathieu_D your in-game name and the time it happened he can check the logs

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