Monster AI Feedback


I’m oculus 20 characters


Okay I think I have a bead on this, will have a fix in the next patch here in a bit.


the melee monster ai seems to have some issues. The monsters tend to just zigzag a LOT. Also the ai really likes the bards and will literally run back and forth between them without choosing to attack either


The bard class is generating too much aggro right now, this will be fixed in the next patch also. Thanks for reporting.


The two things I will note is that we need more time to react to the charge bars. If the intent is to have us anticipate them, why have them at all and just base it on different animations and watch the cycles. And that the big guys in the swamp will rotate and move when preping the slam if you move out of melee range.


I seem to take damage from projectiles even if I dodge. Don’t get it.


I take damage from dodged projectiles as well. I was doing the serpentine run to avoid them, but they all still hit me despite flying well past me.


Enemy charge bars get obscured by debuff icons under the hp bar. It makes it difficult to read the smash timing.


We noticed you have to start moving before they finish casting if you want to dodge the attack


Another bug from yesterday was that you could see other players globes, distance numbers and cool down icons on their bow’s but none of it was correct, as you can see on the screenshot, Rocka has 1 globe which is one of the middle ones which is clearly wrong


So it’s to late when you se the visual. Hm…


On the Colossus and other big dudes that have the charge smash:

If you dodge while it’s charging it will follow you and smash your new location so you have to wait until the bar is almost full to actually dodge. Is this intended? Or should they be locked in place like old red AoE?


Oh no, that was the most fun raid boss mechanic for Lady Fa’shet when you were playing the healer xD


This should be changed obviously.


It should be locked in place, looking at that this morning.


Yes, indeed, that should not be the case.

I think what’s generally happening here is basically, lag. The server is under more load than it should be given the number of players that are/were online, an that is causing a lot of issues for latency skips and whatnot.

Now that most of the major client-side bugs are worked out and people are actually able to play for the most part, I’m going to spend the rest of the weekend focusing more on the server-side stuff and hopefully start stomping out those issues which I think will solve a lot of that problem.


Oh, also with Colossus. It’s very easy to pull his whole group and then leash him so we only have to kill the little guys, then go back to kill only him.


The small tree guys have an explosive kick charge attack that appears just long enough to read the name but not react to and is pretty much a 1 shot KO. Could you check to make sure the charge bar/attack speed is setup properly? It’s like dealing with exploding mobs in shards atm lol


Yeah basically the mechanic of those guys is to kill them/avoid them before they get to you. Once they do they basically blow up immediately. (Not saying that is or isn’t a fun mechanic which I’m interested in feedback on, but that is the intended mechanic right now).


It feels a lot worse than that as they run at you and they are a lot faster than we are so we just get dead