Monster identification

It would be really helpful there was a page in the journal with the names and discription of monsters

All you need to do to identify a monster is hold the grip button in an empty hand, then point at the monster you want to identify, while still holding the grip button down.

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You also need to have “Focused Health Bar” enabled, rather than “Static Health Bar”, or it won’t work.

For sure I know about all that but when I get a mission and I wanna know what to look for before I even get near somthing it would be cool

You used to be able to do this when every enemy looked distinctly different from each other. Now you have to either get in combat or use the suggestion bubbaking and Escarea said. Hell a better solution on the dev’s part is to make sure each monster is distinct in some way as they are hard to confuse. That and name the enemies something different so they are not similar as even the names don’t help.

I remember when I was beginning and I had to kill stafrushers. I was so frustrated because i spent hours killing enraged stafrushers before i realized i was supposed to be killing normal stafrushers

What!? Are saying that having 5 mobs that look 100% identical, have different names and don’t count for each others quests/missions is somehow confusing?
(this is not a one of thing either btw, most mob models are used with 3-4 different names)


Don’t you think killing a higher difficulty enemy would count? If it is a stafrusher and you are supposed to kill a stafrusher, what difference does it make if it is enraged or not. It is a stafrusher.

I believe enraged means it isn’t level scaled.

If your able to kill it shouldn’t it count? It’s not what I do in reality. I go for what has a mark above it. But hell if you are successful at a higher level why not give it?

Because it’s not the same monster. It’s close but not the same. I think it’s a little silly and there should be way better distinctions, but that’s the way it is :man_shrugging:

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omg can you imagine if we could kill the Enraged Spiked Pistoler Scavs to count for Spiked Pistoler Scavs for the long term??? :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Its like engaging Treesus
It’s still Treesus. Albeit a lot harder but it’s still the Bjorn stafrute we’ve come to know and love.

Let’s ask the lore!! Ok so from my understanding you would be correct when something is enraged it is still the same starfusher, although the reason behind your question to why you can just kill anything it’s because usually the quest only needs one thing killed, for example if there were starfrushers blocking traders road not allowing trade then Darius doesn’t care if you kill some of the horde or an enraged starfrusher up at the hill he wants highsteppe to trade with other people so they don’t go extinct!

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There not asking for you to kill something higher they want you to kill this certain thing for a certain reason, it’s like you ask someone to get you a house and they bring you a boat, it’s cool but it’s not what you asked for and now there’s the problem of not having a place to live.

damn, that really puts it into perspective