Monster melee range bug

Using Oculus Rift w/ Touch on Windows 10 Pro x64, i7-5820 3.3GHz CPU and GeForce GTX 1070.

Two bugs with monster and melee range as a warrior. The first is that the rabbitish monsters in the starter town occasionally move into the center of my avatar (occupying the same space) and cannot be hit until I move away. The second is that the same monsters are able to bite me from outside the range of my sword, so that I have to move up much closer to be able to hit them.

These items are currently being tracked in our system. Thanks for reporting!

I’ve noticed similar nuances while playing warrior.

When you use a charge onto a moving target, e.g. you step into aggro range before the charge, and then charge as the monster is running toward you, the monster will keep moving forward and be so close to your character, if not under it, that directional swings don’t register properly.

With regard to monsters being able to hit me while I can’t hit them, I see this as more of a feature designed into the game than a flaw. I have to find the balance of range for each monster. As a warrior, that’s my responsibility. I have to know how close I need to get to be able to attack the thing attacking me, while not getting so close that my combos don’t work like they should. It’s a game mechanic I appreciate, rather than a bug I think needs fixing, especially since it has direct parallels to real-world combat.

The first part makes sense, but an easy fix would be for charge to always deposit you at a fixed distance.

I get what you’re saying, and I would agree if the monster was attacking me with something that had reach (like tentacles, or that extra mini-mouth that Aliens have). However, mutant rabbits that psychicly project their teeth well past melee range and my 3’ sword is pushing it lol, as least in the newbie area. If Monte Python has taught me anything, it’s not to underestimate higher level rabbits.

The Rabbit of Caerbannog

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