Monsters, Bosses and NPCs

Will there be any sort of patrolling enemies to watch out for or hunt for?

how about rare spawns

will there be any traveling vendor NPCs or traveling quest givers?

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Currently in the end-game pvp zones there are aberration groups that are supposed to wander around but more often than not they just hang out in 1 spot. Other than that there aren’t any wandering npc vendors or enemies

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Yeah! Monsters on patrol would be sooooo awesome!

That’s how end-game monsters were described but it kind of fell flat lol. They stood still, then they wandered, now they’re back to standing still. When they wandered it was great. You had to be careful a 2nd group didn’t wander into your current fight so you’d pull the mob off to a clear area and constantly watch for danger. When pvp is popular with lots of 20s they’ll be the big threat when aberration hunting.

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sounds fun, how fast or slow is pvp in orbus? how much health does a swing do or a damage combo? would suck if one combo did like 10% of their health. i imagine getting combos off while they can teleport all around you will be difficult

A single swing in dps stance is ok damage. It’s almost impossible to combo in pvp. Each class has specific tactics they have to use to be competitive. I suck at pvp so I’ll need to do more testing. I have a general outline of how to win. Musketeers have a huuuuge advantage over the other classes, especially warrior.

Pvp in the wilds will be heavily team reliant. Should almost always be at least 2 v 2 if you’re good. Wilds are hard to even duo

The way i think we’ll be fighting as warrio is to charge ur combo on a mob ( left up left) and save the last right swing for the enemy player.
charge in, right swing to unload combo and shield bash right away and do a left and up swing quickly. begin to evade however you like (i prefer constantly porting right behind them and then wait for ur charge + shield bash so you can left and right swing to get off ur second combo. runemage a are fairly easy to dodge from what i can tell, typically (while pretending to pvp in town lol) I would wait for them to draw the spell and stand still but get my teleport ready in some location, usually right behind them. as soon as it leaves their wand i teleport and try to kill them. runemage a probably would do better to aim at the floor near the player so they get hit by the explosion. also everyone fighting the mate eeds to be familiar with the spells they can cast and what it looks like from your perspective of them casting it. I bet the gunner would be difficult to evade since the shot are so fast and they have so much healing they can stay up forever if they kite well. who knows. A “mortal strike” type of move for warrior would be dope :slight_smile: help with the healing type mobs too.

You can’t stun in pvp so our shield stun is useless. Horn is only good for shielding allies. We don’t get its effect. So our strength is blocking if we can predict where the shot is coming from and sword rush to close the gap.

Our role in party pvp is harassment/pressure and protection. Make the enemy mess up and either stumble into a mob or give our range an opening to stand still and spam. Also using our shield as point blank blocking and messing up their line of sight.

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Looks like i’ll be switching classes :wink:

without a cordless VR and super large play space I can’t imagine being effective in pvp. moving around an NPC monster is difficult enough. imagine another player able to teleport away instantly as you get to them.

Unless rangers or runemages will be oneshotting people ima do gunner for pvp since i’m assuming healing still works in pvp, which is simply OP when you can also use some damage bullets. I’d use the Hot, instant heal, the slow and the poison. if not the slow i’d maybe use the bubble. then just spam shoot and run at same time to win ( i took on a lvl 10+ monster as a lvl 4 gunner this way lol)

I’ve played in the arena and in the wilds. It’s hard. I have a decent space so I can physically lunge forward. It’s a teleport battle for sure. Haven’t tried it since the partical effects were added to teleport trails

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Ranger charged poison arrow is insane and a runemage ult is a 1 shot. They will be changing it so runemage ults only charge when hitting enemies instead of just shooting the ground

IMHO they need to give the warrior a stun or a root effect. that stupid windclip crap should be a mini root with diminishing returns. that way I can play the game too in pvp lol. if you give the ranged classes some method of gaining range quickly they’ll be fine. either a blink spell for runemages or maybe they’ll find that regular teleport moving provides enough space. i say blink for runemages because they’re the only ones who can’t do shit while moving

that way the evading teleport battle would be broken up by actual attempts to lock down and kill the target, but as you mentioned you shouldn’t go solo typically you’ll go 2 player or more group vs the enemy player(s) so maybe all this stuff i’m bringing up goes away when you factor in that teamwork you mention. I guess two warriors would be impossible to fight against if they can double stun you allowing a total of 4 combos (2 per warrior) to happen.

So just a general comment on PvP (and honestly it might be worth starting a new thread if you all want to talk about that specifically instead of hijacking this one).

  1. The PvP is probably not super-balanced yet, since we don’t have much data to work with. As PvP ramps up, we will make adjustments as needed.

  2. The PvP will not be balanced 1v1, however. By that I mean, it may be that a Musketeer vs Warrior fight is always going to go in favor of the Musketeer. Instead, we will focus our efforts on balancing PvP for group encounters. Like PvE content, we want every class to have a role to play in a PvP fight. But if you’re expecting as a Warrior to be able to rush into any class and take them down 1v1 then I would say you’re not going to be happy, nor should that be how it works. However, a Warrior should have a vital role to play, whether that’s defending their comrades from incoming Runemage missiles in a more defensive position, or perhaps being a disruptor who goes in to distract the Musketeer while the Runemage and Ranger hits them from afar. That type of team-based PvP is what we’re looking to balance around and promote. (And again, it may be that the current Warrior kit doesn’t have the necessary tools to do either of those things right now, which is something we will address).

The end goal is still to get to that point, we just had to take that out because right now when the Aberrations wander around, their minions don’t follow them closely, which led to weird issues of groups getting separated. I should have that fixed this week hopefully, though.

This is something I’m very interested in adding.


Forgot the initial thread topic haha. So easy to get sidetracked. Sorry!

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Haha no worries :slight_smile:

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