More bard ideas 2.0

So bard as of now is in a pretty bard wink spot and I have a couple ideas to maybe fix it to make it more versatile and hopefully more viable as a class. My idea was Bard becoming more of a shielding/mitigation class so that the song would tick for a shield that would block a certain amount of damage. Instead of it being like the regen and just strong healing musketeer has now, Bard would have more shielding so it makes up for the healing. In different situations bard can be used so like for trash you would run a musketeer so it can “baby” the dps so they dont die while bard could provide damage mitigation so that Tanks would survive slams and other mechanics easier. The whole idea is to mainly add some sort of variation for bard so you have a completely different healer that mainly follows mitigation over healing.