More dyes when?

The title is relatively self-explanatory; There should be more dyes! Specifically, more accent dyes. There’s a fair amount of primary dyes, but only a handful of accent dyes. On the note of dye, it’d be nice if more types were craftable and they were overall just a teeeeeeeny bit easier to obtain.

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Any specific colors you’d like to see?

there is some dyes can craft

Last year Potato mapped out what dyes are missing still (think it still applies):

I also see some dyes listed in the auction house as category which are, I think, not in the game or at least I never came across them, neither in the auction house nor ingame.

I would second an easier way to obtain some. With certain colors we are literally showered, I keep one stack and sell the rest to the vendor all the time. And then there’s some rares where you don’t even need to bother with since they are a tadbit too rare, so practically useless.
With all the gear changes people who wanna dye their class in certain colours do need way more than 1 set they collected for a long time or bought for a million dram or so.

also this:

I still think that would be the best way to instantly add a lot more customization when it comes to color.

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Maybe even mixing dyes to get a special dye. However, that requires some reworking of dyes as a whole; but a few extra dyes in general wouldn’t be a bad thing.

That’s actually really great timing, there is a dye merchant from another country that you meet in the second half of the explorers league quest line (the second half isn’t currently in game and we go into a little more detail in the upcoming blog about it), but this vendor sells a few new colors of dye (only available through this vendor), along with some new accent and major dyes that are flip flopped (not sure if that makes sense but essentially if color was a major and not a accent dye we added a accent dye of the same color) so players that complete the MSQ once it comes out will have access to this new vendor!

I guess while were on the subject any dye colors the community has been dyeing (haha) to get but aren’t in game?


If you want to PM or post a list of the dyes that are there that you havent found in game I can double check them and see if they are or if they were future dyes that never made it in game that are showing up.

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A foil dye is something I’d like to see, but I understand that would essentially ruin the prestige of hard mode raid gear.

I just want foil rep armor.

Dyes cover a wide range of colours and with the addition of dyes to come, I don’t know what colours there would need to be added.

But, say there could be a different style of dyes. Instead of dyes being one colour, some dyes could have a pattern on them then those patterns all have different colours? (Just an idea that came to mind)

I’d have to look at the colours in-game in order to say what colours id like. But colours that can be used both primary and secondary is an addition I like (even if I’d have to spend dram for those dyes)

(I did have a read at the thread above and if the only new colours would be hues and shades of similar colors, I don’t know if I’d be interested)

Ps. This other country interests me however, I smell more lore x3.

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A glowing accent dye, single color, not wavey animation on it like foil armour is now would be very cool :sweat_smile:


I just want something to make myself even more hideous. Can you imagine a foil critter capture/salvaging mix? It’d be so disgustingly awful. I want this.

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I always wanted a purple major dye. We have a accent but no major.

Hopefully some new super ugly colours are coming as thats how i try to dye most of my classes


yes include a sweater green major and camulos dye major and navy blue accent

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