More graveyards

Some quests have 5 minute walks if you unfortunately die fighting near a mob spawn point either add more grave yards or add a 1 hour CD self resurrect

Be more careful what you fight.

Git Gud.

Jk :grinning:, I don’t mind the current amount of graveyards they have

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careful only goes so far accidents happen and when they do it would be nice (at least in the starting zone) not have to walk 5 minutes back to whatever it was you were killing.

Can you describe the example in which you felt the graveyard was too far away from where you died in the starting zone?

spider / stone trog spawn in the starting zone for the first hunting quest was one that was like 3 minutes or so from where i died to where i had to run and because of the absurd amount of spiders vs the very few amount of people killing them pulling 2 or 3 at a time was unavoidable in most cases so unless you were lucky enough to go there at a time when others were or start a group for a solo quest chances are you would be making the run at least two or three times by the time you got 4 of each. there was more than one instance where i felt the graveyards were a bit tediously far apart but since i had to do this one a number of times it stands out.

What class do you play, having a hard time pulling seems like a warrior thing since you have no range. If that’s the case you can pull one enemy away by just barely entering its Agro zone and then retreating a little so there are no other enemies near, but don’t back up too far or the enemy will lose interest

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