More immersiv, less box quests

You got the quests right in the new story pack. Wave-talk and quest, return later and continue.

So much better then the click boxes on the daily and level quests, and the hidden chat boxes in the charecter storylines. And propper questing, defend, guard, kill.

Maybe remake the daily quest system so something simular? Or at least make the dlc repeatable on a bunch of quests

yeah, i dont have the dlc yet (my arm is broken)

but I like your idea of making the dlc quests dailys as well, gives alot more value to it

Instead of infinite daily tokens they could instead have actual rotating daily missions, the same for everyone, that you could go check & people talk about. “Daily” quests right now means just stocking up on daily credits, spending them all before you hit cap and then dumping dozens of quests for xp. Or doing the same 5 dailies every day, depending how soon you want the rewards.

Still don’t love that system, and idk then because since world events are equally broken people might just try to avoid more challenging / time consuming dailies instead in favor of more boring world events.

Idk lol, hard to think an xp overhaul this late. +1 for dlc dailies I suppose, as long as they consume daily credits :stuck_out_tongue: