More Magical Things

Did you just say runemage is underplayed? Haha

Yeah, I’m not sure about more guns though. Maybe Just unique versions of class weapons like you said. Like a bow with extra damage but less range or a two handed sword that does extra damage but makes you take extra damage as well.

What i mean by that is most runemages in the game have either been playing for years, or are level ones. Sure, there are the few that pull through and actually succeed, but for the most part runemages rarely get past level 5, in favor of playing an easier class. At least, that is what i have found.

I dunno, most people i see regardless of their level play runemage i think its actually the most popular class and the other classes are what need more players.


To be honest i think the most popular class is actually scoundrel, it isn’t a high skill class and its great for pvp.

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Both of the DMG classes are popular you know.

And the clip. You can only fire 6 bullets at a time before having to wait.

The ranger doesn’t have those downsides but it has less damage because you can spam for constant damage.

Ehhh I’m not sure about that.

How? :expressionless:

From what I’ve seen Ranger and Scoundrel are nearly identical in terms of DPS. The maximum DPS parses I’ve seen so far for both of them put them in the 100-105k DPS range. Maximum damage from damage isn’t from Rapidity either, it’s from Precision.

And also, other people use alot of other classes. Sure the scoundrel is popular, but it doesn’t mean that its the most used. Ranger and Warrior are popular too.

The ranger sometimes can kill faster because of spamming too. You know that.

I know that. I have it myself. Now im off to argue about other suggestions.

Precision Rangers deal LESS damage from spamming.

Maybe instead of guns doing frost damage its cosmetic. Keeps the playing field level but allows customization. Maybe your gun looks exploded on the end and looks like it shoots fireballs (while still just doing normal damage) maybe a wand could look like a staff instead. A sword could look like a stick. (Or perhaps a fishing pole for Mishka) gives more things for players to customise and spend majorly inflated in game prices on and keeps pve and PvP from breaking again hopefully.

That sounds like a good idea. The customization thing could be in your player house and let you customize with unlocked looks.

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Some people also dont know about the presision thing or dont prefer it. Some people dont know about the talent mechanic entirely!!

Right, but you were saying Rangers deal less damage than Scoundrels. I wanted to let you know the numbers don’t support that.