More melee battle disciplines


I would really like a dual handed melee discipline. Right now only one arm gets a workout when playing as a Warrior.

Here are some potential suggestions:

Blademaster = dual swords
Berserker = dual handed mix of bludgeoning & slashing weapons (i.e. axe, club, mace, etccetra)
Monk = magic fists :wink:
Gladiator = dual tekkō kagi (hand claws, like Vega/Wolverene)

Or alternatively, being able to dual wield swords as a Warrior would work. :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!

Disappointed with warrior talent

I agree, although just adding more specialization options for each class could cover dual wielding and so much more.
Warrior dual wield spec, Paladin 2 handed weapons, Scoundrel dagger, etc.


Thank you Isaac, a dual-wield specialisation for each class would be pretty awesome! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I was hoping that one of the new disciplines would be a melee dps, especially a dual handed one. I believe they intended to have one in the original orbus but scrapped it because it had design issues or didn’t work out. Are there any plans to make something like this in the future?

Even without an entirely new discipline, letting warriors use 2 swords seems like it would be relatively easier to implement. The combo system as it is would work well with 2 swords using combos which involve both hands. You could have two handed combos for direct damage, an aoe, and a dot/bleed. Having a larger 10+ hit combo ability which is on a cooldown would be pretty cool too.


The problem comes with the bosses though. If we were to take this idea and implement it into old orbus these classes simply would not work as many of the bosses have mechanics that require them to be kited and some fights where the dps has to stick together (old raid boss 2 and 3 on expert difficulty where dps either stacks up on lifewell for the muskateers to kite adds or boss 3 where every dps needs to stack to survive the jump and therefore the melee dps cannot stray too far) and therefore it would be really hard to even get a couple of hits in. There are not many bosses in reborn to kite so far but they are bound to appear.


I would also love to see a Melee focused DPS class.

Assassin archetype
Combat mechanics based on mobility, positioning and applying poisons.
Applying poisons to weapons via a Vial belt (could craft poisons at home using current brewing mechanics and slot them into your belt)
Two bladed weapons, one in each hand.
Two talent trees:
One focused on poisons to increase DoTs or apply useful Debuffs
One focused on more Mobility, and base DPS

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Current brewing mechanics would take to long to make something like this in battle, you have to focus on making it and it you screw up slightly it won’t work, then you also have to do this while dodging aoes which could screw up the poison.


Oh I didn’t mean in battle at all. I mean you brew them at home and add them to your belt. They could be consumed after X number of applications,. etc.


imagines a class panic brewing/cooking in battle under duress while everyone else scatters
adds that mental image to fanart I hope to see someday


+1 for this suggestion - adding additional options for melee classes (and other classes, for that matter) would be a massive step forward for this game.

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there are always bosses that are better for ranged or melee. It is up to the developers to make bosses that are fun for everyone. saying ‘we cant have melee classes because bosses are ranged heavy atm’ is silly because they made the bosses to accommodate the ranged classes and are perfectly capable of making melee/ranged balanced bosses.

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not really the bosses that are an issue tho, you can accommodate for that quite easily on most of them. The mobs in the dungeons are a problem tho, even just 1 tank can easily and often does get in the way. they would have to redesign pretty much everything about how the dungeons work to avoid that.

Also we’ve just gotten 4 new classes, not like were gonna get any more any time soon anyway.


That problem can also easily be solved by removing collisions on allies’ spells. They are already more annoying than they should be.

I cant count how many times i’ve had to tell someone to turn off their ridiculous runemage hat because it takes up several cubic feet of space


I’d like to see Paladin talents split into Retribution Paladin (DPS) and Protection Paladin (Tank).

Also Berserker Warrior (Dual Wield)


i’d just like to see more talents in general. each class really only has 1-3 choices for talents atm (as some are basically mandatory).


I have no idea, really hope so though.

Very true Blickwinkel. Giving the warrior an extra sword does seem like the easiest solution. :slight_smile:

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Richleth, we already run into that issue with the warrior. Anyone wanting to play a melee-heavy class accepts that going in. The teleport to target monster/player works that out I find. Though I may have misunderstood, I am not familiar with the term ‘kiting’.


Thank you Droost, I did not even think of an assassin type melee class. That would be awesome! :slight_smile:

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Asmund_T, thank you. I have not found that to be an issue when in the dungeons (or anywhere else). It seems like they have already solved it the potential issue. When playing DPS, I still manage to hit my target even when the tank is standing between me and it (blocking it visually), I just guesstimate where the target should be and fire. Either that or it is a bug that has been working out in my favour. :wink:


Kiting is when you have to move the boss around to keep the tank alive (or some other less frequent reasons). This wouldn’t work for a melee DPS class because there would have to be a limit to the teleport on a melee class, and after you’ve used up your teleports you won’t be able to keep up with the boss, making a ranged class that can hit the boss while its moving around a more useful class to pick. You will be doing a lot more damage as a ranged class, and personally I wouldn’t want to play with someone if their class just wasn’t suited for the boss due to their lacking DPS.