More melee battle disciplines


A dual wield tank would be cool, perhapes focused on reactively healing yourself similar to a paladin, and with it’s own set of talents compared to a normal warrior. Allowing for talent choices which affect attacks/abilities more diversely changing the class without having to add a whole new one


Wasnt there a barbarian or something with two axes in OG orbus beta ? I remeber seeing a youtube video or something. I love playing warrior but I also wish there was another melee class or maybe different weapons for the warrior like a spear or polearm. I’d love daggers but even now being close to something is hard hit box wise. My stupid ultimate dream would be dual shields you could throw :heart_eyes:


@Phillip_M Thank you. I agree, that would be awesome! :slight_smile:

@Mithril I’m not sure, maybe you are thinking of Dungeon Knight? Spears and polearms would give better range. Maybe throwing daggers would be a good idea? Lol, they would have to be small shields.

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more clustered than all the ranged ppl standing on top of eachother? melee is the only spot atm that isnt clustered.

obviously the solution is to remove ally collision

all aimed heals atm are aoe (some have really small boxes). It would just heal all the ppl who are stacked up.

a lot of ppl want to dps as melee though, not tank.

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Pally should not focus on dps ever due to the fact it’s a tank. The past arguments were to decrease dps for the tank and that is what they did so now you want them to go back on what everyone just complained about and rework a whole talent tree to increase what everyone wanted reduced? Come on bud you know it’s not gonna happen.

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" all aimed heals atm are aoe (some have really small boxes). It would just heal all the ppl who are stacked up."

@Xicor That is a really good point.

@dylan_p What we really want is dual-wielded weapons. We are not that picky about how it happens.

Disappointed with warrior talent

We should definitely get a melee dps class.

I’m thinking something like assassin or rogue that use dual daggers and have abilities like shadow-step and whatnot.

Maybe a talent for it could be increased damage when hitting an enemy from behind.

Another option is to have dual specializations for each class with differing weapons i.e. warrior with dual wield swords (making it more of a dps spec), Paladin with battleaxe (also dps), runemage with staff (more support?), musketeer with a more sniper like weapon that does more damage at range (dps), things like these.

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Maybe have an assassin class that can throw daggers as well as use them in close range (for more dps or other boons like poison/slow). A talent for this class could be shadowstep where they can tp to their daggers like paladin to hammer with a relatively short cooldown


A short cool down on that would be a little overpowered (as is the paladin hammer teleport) especially for a DPS class.


More OP than a scoundrel who can just shoot whenever? They could balance the damage so that it isn’t.

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A short cool down on a teleport would be overpowered. We already have this problem with the paladin. I don’t even want to think of adding another class to the game that can teleport long distances very quickly. Not to mention the fact that a melee class is close range making it not really need extremely high mobility.


Have you ever done the sewer rat dungeon? The boss switches aggro randomly and tanks can’t do anything to keep it aggro’d to them. Also you have to kite the boss around. Basically warriors are useless against it because of limited mobility and not being able to draw aggro. The only thing tanks can do against it is wait for it to randomly aggro on you and otherwise just keep aggro on the adds.

For bosses like this and other enemies around Orbus, melee classes are at a huge disadvantage. For a melee dps class to work it would need increased mobility. And the idea that giving melee classes increased mobility is somehow OP is complete bullshit because the ranged dps classes can just hit whatever they want from far away. Melee classes actually have to get close enough to hit.


warriors useless on that one? nah ah, first of, on higher levels having the extra slow from a hamstring is really useful and there is no issue going small shield and keeping a stream of wound combos on him, even tho he’s constantly moving.

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How about a melee class that can somehow attach itself to targets (preferably its back to avoid abilities cast in front of it) and move along with them? This could solve the issue with bosses that are moving often.


how about we stop asking for new classes when the amount of classes available was literally doubled 4 weeks ago.

also, like it’s been stated many times before, having more classes that need to be up close to trash would be really bad with how the game is designed. it’s already bad enough trying to keep a SINGLE tank out of the way of the other DPS that I can only imagine how bad it would be if you had 1 or 2 melee DPS classes there as well.


@Joe_C an Assasin class with shadow-step/thrown daggers would be awesome! :slight_smile:

@Sift I think Joe meant for the hypothesized Assasin class, not a shorter cooldown than what the Palandin already has.

@Blickwinkel That would be pretty neat, it would need a high cooldown if you were going to get strike-from-behind bonuses. Or we would have to scratch the bonus idea.

@Asmund_T Lol, because while we are happy with the new classes. What we as melee players really, reeeaally want (the dual-wielding weapons) has not happened yet. In order for it to ever happen, it needs to be suggested. And then we need enough players to show their interest, which in turn will show the developers that it would be worth their while to create it for us.

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literally just gave a brief summary of why it would be horrible :expressionless:


@Asmund_T I get what you are saying. It would be horrible for you, if you had to play as one or if everyone played as one.

What you are not getting is that what we are asking for would be very physically taxing, geared towards people whos combat style is swing the weapon/slay the monster, up-close-and-personal.

People who already gravitate to physically easy at-a-distance shooting style combat would keep doing what they are doing now.

For myself and other melee players (who already play close-up-and-personal classes because of the physical taxation), it would be absolute heaven, we just want what we have now to be better for us as well. I am sure there is a way to make that happen.

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what I’m saying is it would be horrible for everyone not playing a melee class, they’re the ones that would have to deal with them being in the way. there is also pretty much no way to make a class be physically demanding after having played it for a couple hounded hours, at which point you’d have shortened and made the moves more efficient. just like tanking with warrior, in the start it can be hard, but once you’ve gotten good at the class there is pretty much no physical strain unless you overdo the moves on purpose, something you could do with pretty much any of the classes.


Firstly, and let me just preface this by saying I play pally and love it, I would not recommend speaking for every melee player. The two melee classes that are introduced so far are very different. I personally find the warrior incredibly taxing to play and gave up on it relatively early on.
Secondly, the addition of a second blade is arguably a bad idea for a number of reasons, the least of which is because it would create yet another class that only a subset of players can enjoy (those who want to swing wildly).

I do think, though, that it never hurts to start thinking about the next improvement. Personally, I’d go with a javelin/spear wielding class rather than an assassin class just because it’ll be slightly more different.

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