More Shaman Totems

The shaman is a great class, utilizing various totems for various effects to kill stuff most effectively. But, there’s only a handful of totems. Why? I understand that the shaman is the basic magic class and if you want something more advanced you should go bard or runemage, but c’mon! It would make so much sense if you could find other types of totems as loot in addition to masks. Or maybe even a mask that has a high attack in a trade-off for fewer equipable totems. Perhaps the other way around, with a mask that has low attack but allows you to equip 5 totems!
Overall, this class needs more variation.

The Shaman is an interesting class, it requires you to be closer to the boss that most and it requires a different set of skills to be able to be good at it. I have a good amount of experience and still learning.

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think perhaps, what you might have missed is that there is a relation between all the classes to a certain degree. for example, between the Musketeer, Mage and Shaman, you have fireballs, frost balls and Interupt(pushback)… I might not have all the words correct, but it goes further. The tileset’s are based on a maximum of 5 tiles for a set. This means that you can only have a maximum amount of ‘orbs/totems’ so that the tileset will proc as much as possible when throwing the orbs or whatnot.

So overall this balances the class with other classes…

How about when you summon Rupert, instead of attacking the mob or boss, he can res a dead party member?
(Just think of all those sweet ‘thank you Ruperts’.

Who is Rupert? :slight_smile:

We still have a limited amount of texts on Rupert, but what we do know is that He is the ultimate.
Rupert was the first shaman. WAS the first shaman. There was some garnering too much power involved. If you are a worthy shaman you may have seen Him. He now has a new form but His manliness remains.


oh okay, so clearly just a joke. :slight_smile:

A joke to those who aren’t ready to walk the path. :slight_smile: