More VR/MENU-less Like Market Stalls



I have a suggestion where the stalls display the items for sale which can be picked up with hand when picked up a screen displays showing stats/price (like it is now when you point finger in the menu) + your current amount of dram. if you want to buy it you drop it behind back in your bag like when you pick something up. if you dont then you drop it/put it back.

I dont know how possible this is and how much performance will suffer, but it feels like a unique way to make buying thing in VR more life-like.

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Well I don’t normally throw stuff behind my back in rl when shopping sorry :smiley: … also if you wanna buy 10, 20 or more of one thing there’s a huge amount of clicking needed already. So any more complicated way to buy would need to come with an option to set an amount for several items or it would annoy the crap outta people who buy more than 1 or 2 things at a time.


They already have a good method of selecting quantity with the way we can split stacks, I don’t know why that hasn’t been used on the stalls yet as it would make it much nicer to buy multiple items


Hi, well i mean lifelike in that medieval fantasy setting we already pick up loot like that. if you imagine you have a backpack i think it fits that you put it in your backpack. I also Wanted it to be easily implented so i wanted to use an existing mechanic.

Regarding the buy several I didn’t include it as i think it is a different issue. But I think it can be solved in similar ways in both buying methods (old and suggested) with the already implemented split function.


Any ranger worth his salt can chug 20 items over his shoulder in 7 sec flat!
I do like this idea, going for a more immersive vr stall and less of a screen


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