Most difficult class?

Curious on what people think the most difficult class is and why?


Mage. With every other class you can be at least minimally effective without any practice. Mage though… that’s another ballgame


I don’t have much experience in the game or with any other classes other than mage compared to others such as Meeeeeeeeshka, I’d have to say at the very start of playing every class probably mage, but it really depends on the lengths you want to reach, I’d argue doing 80k for mage is a lot easier than scoundrel or ranger. However, for the very top, the pinnacle of each class, there’s a theoretical max for all classes except mage.

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I agree FakeDread

as someone who has played every class at the highest level (attempted mage anyway) i would say either warrior or scoundrel. people say mage a lot but the reason i say scoundrel is it takes a lot of multitasking, hours of practice with cards, more hours of practice with curves, more hours of practice with bullet timing, etc etc.


I actually switched from Scoundrel to Runemage because it felt easier to get my numbers up via practice.

Mage and warrior are the highest skill caps, mage is swlf explanitory. warrior you need UNREAL situational awareness to perfect, and perfect movement and it can do things unimaginanle by palidan i.e no healer solo tank boss 1 HMC. Also ranger is probably up there. Manip is not easy, props to agstrag. Bur magw is definetly most skill, because as a level 5 mage you can do a good amount of damage with skill compared to other classes at the same level and even the next 10 levels above


Because scoundrel cap is lower than mage cap imo mage is easier to master than scoundrel, but harder to learn than scoundrel.


That’s actually the exact opposite of my situation lol. I’ve been struggling with mastering Runemage while I was basically stuck at beginner with Scoundrel. Had several people try to teach me how to get gud with Scoundrel but… ah, well. Was easier to pick up Runemage because I could actively see my improvements via pops/casts/perfects.

Everyone’s different, so while there’s a general, majority opinion… it’s not the rule. Occasionally the “hard” classes are easier to pick up for some people than the “beginner” classes. (I find that really cool!)


Between the two most commented classes here, I feel I can use Scoundrel better than Runemage. Curving shots? I wish. Usually I don’t make it over Rank III. Even so, if I had to choose between ONLY THOSE, I’d have my pistol in hands.

Usually that’s not the case. It depends a lot on what I’m playing. In world bosses run, I use Paladin. In shards and raids I’ll be doing support most of times. If not, I’m wielding my bow or my mask for DPS.

So for answering the main question: for me, PinkCrafter, Runemage is the hardest one to master as DPS, and Warrior as tank. For support, let’s see… I don’t feel I can be taken as reference lol as I play rhythm games for over 20 years, so Bard is by far the easiest one for me and by far my favorite class - which doesn’t mean I won’t wield my musket in specific situations.

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Only one person mastered scoundrel, id say 3 got mage down. If i told you how accurate charmasters rank Vs are in pvp from faar away you wouldnt beleive it. That guy mastered that, mage takes time to know where they are and perfect stacking on most spells. But scoundrel ive tried and i was okay at ranks from far but nowhere near char. Imagine a mob teleporting around rapidy ~40m away and sniping it with a rank V thats char.

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i think it comes down to peoples different levels of awareness and hand eye coordination. someone with better coordination would find scoundrel easier to learn yk.


Idk I fought him a few times and won 1 or 2 and his dps in shards definitely isn’t all good idk tho

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I cannot tell if you are being serious…

Why wouldn’t I be serious?:unamused:

You right he was dying so much last night it was insane, he truly fell off no lie

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no he was just too busy screaming not nice words that u would find in the urban dictionary cos the bard paladin duo wouldn’t hop off

this is real

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