Mount not showing



So I really like the game and wanted to support the devs, by buying a mount from the store. But i haven’t gotten it yet. it’s been over an hour, went and asked some people in game and they suggested that if It wasn’t in a chest at my home or in my inventory I should go and talk to the rewards dude just outside your house but he neither gives it me to. I was then send over here in search of some help :slight_smile:


Hi, that’s very strange - can you let us know your character name? We’ll check it and see what’s going on.


Thanks for the fast reply! :smile: character name is : MrCrow


Heya just giving you a heads-up!

I found out the problem, I noticed that my steam wallet still had the funds in it even do I got the purchase confirmation ( probably a issue on steams end? )


Oh, that’s interesting. Were you able to go through with the purchase afterwards then?


Gone try it right now


Alright now it worked :slight_smile: thanks for the fast help!


Thanks for the support!