Mount speed oculus quest

Yesterday I was running he sewers dungeon running past both mobs to get to the first boss to see what shard I got. The other members of my party ran past but I got stopped on the second group. The reason I heard from the others was I am on a quest and my mount speed is not as fast as a rift or other platforms.

Is this true, it seems a bit unfair if it is true.

No you were slower because:

  • our good friend desync showed your mount but the icon of the mount wasn’t on you so you were actually walking without mount.
  • The unfairness of the quest doesn’t lie in your walk speed in that scenario. We are walking past mobs because the area wasn’t loaded yet for the mobs to attack us. BUT the unfairness lies in quest users loading in slower and thus walking later which lets the mobs attack you before you walk past them.

I know I did not use the mount the first few times, I forgot. I still fell foul of the second group of mobs when I did use my mount. Although I did get much further.

I think I understand what you say about loading slower, I don’t suppose that will change then.

Thanks Scott.

I can vouch for Scott xD When we were grinding for cogs in sewers, it was obvious. Scott was at least halfway through the mobs before I loaded into sewers.

Scott told me this and it makes sense. I’ve also tried it on PC and yea - Scott knows all x3

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