Mounts and locomotion

At some point, I would expect that we will have mounts. Now, in VR, this could be used a little differently. This could actually be brought in at an “earlier” stage (most mounts seem to get provided after level 20ish) to provide an answer for the locomotion problem. Of course, this is not relevant for combat. The mounts could be tied as type to locomotion method. Ie; a flying Dragon would be really cool but would make most of us sicker’n a dog with “smooth” locomotion, (Wow’s flying dragon does that to me in 2d!) while a “flying carpet” does short teleportation hops. Same speeds, just different types of locomotion, and mounts, available for whatever makes people happy. Making the same mount available with different locomotion methods available kind of wastes an opportunity, to me. Also, a lot of us can take an uncomfortable locomotion for short periods (combat) of time, so this could effectively remove the locomotion problems; a lot of dungeon battles, at least for ranged dps, involve just standing there for most of it, just moving to get out of danger. The battles in grinding are usually over quickly, one way or the other.

One last point on mounts; covered wagons could work as town to town “taxi’s”. With a window we could look out of if we wanted to or just grab a stool (bring your own) and sit on the bench to wait it out.


Mounts would be a really cool idea for customization, you could also have a system of “taming” mounts. So you would tame a horse with a carrot and then it would be your mount.


Yeah we will definitely eventually do mounts at some point. Not sure if it will be pre-Beta or not though.

We do already have the airships flying around which are a taxi system and work like the covered wagons you mentioned, though. I just think flying around high in the sky in an airship is more fun than riding around in a wagon :slight_smile:


No argument there! I was thinking of a ways down the road. To be honest, I’m not sure that there ever will be a need to add covered wagons, except for variety that you may want to add because you’re bored… (why do I have the feeling that “getting bored” will never again be an issue for you folk?) What was running thru my tiny little mind was how WoW has it set up; a flying ship for long/oceanic cruises and other rides for shorter ones.


Hey everyone, so I saw something the other day that I think would be a awesome idea at least. The idea was a system of moving that had you running or walking in place, you look like a fool to other people in the room but it feels way better than just sliding across the ground. So if you really want to get moving with this system it has you swing your arms witch will put you into a sprint.

My thoughts on how I think this could be put into the game. I think this would be great to have as a stat so if you want to be a career or some other person that gets things to and from places fast. I know this will date me but I remember in Everquest there was a cheetah song for the bard and that was the fastest way to get to and from places. We could do something like that or have some other temporary way of having speed increased. The name of the system I am talking about is Freedom Locomotion System it came in a package you could download and had some demos to let you know what it was like to “run around” in VR.


If there is a shop for mounts I think there should be different categories of locomotion in the shop. Like “Smooth” mounts could just be mounts that just move normally. (No teleportation or anything like that. Examples: Dragons, Horses, Etc.) “Teleporting” mounts could be mounts that teleport from spot to spot. (Examples: Magical Mounts like Magical Carpets, Teleporting Frog, Etc.) There should also be a third category that would have multiple types of locomotion (You choose which type you want.)

Also will there be bigger vehicles like airships (I know there are already NPC airships, but I mean smaller airships that could carry like 4-8 people and move anywhere instead of specific NPC locations.) and multiple person mounts that would be very expensive, but could carry more people? Also instead of having a simple mount control something like an airship should have actual controls that MIGHT require like 2 people. (Some vehicles would require more than one person to run.) The advantage would be carrying multiple people instead of everyone having different speed mounts that everyone has to buy. Also you could charge newer players a small fee and let them ride on your vehicle. The trade off would be the price and going a bit slower. (Something like a dragon would be way faster than an airship but only carry one person.)

I had other ideas, but I took a break to eat and forgot them. If I remember I will come back.

I remembered

Also will there be any other forms of locomotion (other than teleportation)? Like track pad movement (like in Onward) or movement like in The Art of Fight? (You can change which mode you use in the options.)

Using the NPC transportation (like the airship) should cost money. That way players could have their own transport services that would be a bit cheaper, but could hold less people and wouldn’t be available 24/7. (Because the players wouldn’t be on 24/7)

Also with what @Soul_1 said about taming. I believe there should be a taming Discipline that you could level up to tame better mounts.


Mounts which offer different types of locomotion is a brilliant idea, I also would love the idea of player controlled mounts that let you carry other passengers.

Something that is prevalent throughout Orbus is the Player Driven economy. Now I’m not saying any one person will suddenly become a ‘permanent player taxi’ but the ability to be in a town call out to others your headintg to the next one over, and you can offer a taxi ride for x amount of gold…

One thing that makes the smooth locomotion work is when it’s a high up and what’s moving is far away (airships) and that the player isn’t jerking the controller around like a nutter. So if the possibility of maps become a thing (was discussing in this thread: Ease of Access to the Map) what about a mount where you point and click on the map and it takes you there.

A sort of ‘on rails, follows paths only’ which takes away the ability to have sickening jerky movements and still gives the player their own mount to take them from a specific area to another more quickly than waiting for an airship.

Oh and as for something like a Dragon or any form of aerial mount, make it take off by having the player ‘look up’ then when it’s in the air you have that distance away from teh ground to help those who suffer with nausea


Breeding of mounts could be another interesting “crafting” subsystem.


If the game is meant to be room scale then mounts could provide a good excuse to sit while playing the game. I would think that most MMO players play for extended periods of time and it’s fine if most of the mechanics are meant to be done while standing, but people will want to sit if playing for extended periods.

Also, I think it’d be neat if there were mounts that allowed more than one rider such as a horse and carriage.


Who needs a horse and carriage when you have a flying airship? Also I don’t really see anything stopping you from sitting down while playing as of right now. Mounts would be a cool addition but I don’t really see them fitting with the game as it is.

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I would only want them for the grueling walks through low level areas

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Dammit! Now you made me remember the coolest class ever in an MMO, the Creature Handler from SWG.

I miss you SWG!

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I just wanted to add that players may be hesitant to play the game if they know they’re going to be standing for hours. I could see myself thinking “I want to play Orbus, but I don’t want to do all that standing” and then playing something else due to laziness. I think building opportunities to sit into the game mechanics (such as sitting on mounts etc) would actually help the long term replayability of the game.

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There are many activities ingame that don’t involve standing/combat. Myself and others play for 10+ hour sessions and sit frequently. Adding a requirement to sit seems as bad as making it a requirement to stand. It’s roomscale so we have the freedom to choose


as much as I like mounts the problem with them is people (meaning humans ) tend to find ways to separate themselves from the players who are lower level and act like they are better than them

This can happen with high end armor, weapons, achievement capes, level differences. Not only mounts. I think mounts would be awesome. There will always be elitists


yes, there will always be elitists. but in my experience with MMORPGs, things get worse with mounts.
this game is clearly trying to promote some form of universal unity based on the mechanics and design and id hate to see all that hard work go down the toilet become someone is acting like a DND style elf(yes the Elves were written to believe that they are better than humans but they’re not )

that is to say that i myself would love mounts in orbus but it needs to be done in such a way to not make the same walls that other mmos build up that end up hurting the player base

Never seen it done in a way that does personally.

thats why im trying to warn the devs. they allredy have what it takes to do things in a unique way and i cant wait to see thier mangic hands type out the code for thier amamazeing work of art that is orbus VR

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