Mounts summoning bug


I got my mount; equiped it and it worked; then after a while i could not put the mount away; i entered combat and I could not get my mount out again; i unequiped and re equiped the mount several times.


Do you still have the mount “buff”? Does logging in and out fix it?


Have not tried and decided to get off so I have no idea.


Okay if it happens again please let us know if you still have the “speed buff” when you are unable to summon it.


Yes but only if its when the mount is out; if I cannot summon the mount while off it I don’t get the speed buff; also relogging does fix it.


Found why it happens; if you put your off hand behind your head and click your grip you wont be able to summon the mount.


Is that still happening to you as of this morning’s patch from about 4-5 hours ago?


I found it out yesterday when someone else told me the reason; have no idea after the patch.


Okay cool, thanks. That’s what we thought the cause was and fixed it in the patch, so let me know if it’s still happening.


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