Mounts that prevent nausea

I’m one of those players who needs to teleport everywhere because my stomach can’t handle smooth movement. However, I noticed that equipping the mount makes smooth movement a bit easier to deal with so long as I’m looking down enough to keep it in view while moving. Of course I switched back to just teleporting, but I feel like having a mount that is more visible while looking straight ahead would be a solve for some of us who want to move normally without getting sick. Like a chariot car like this

If a mount like this already exists in-game, I’ll be doing everything I can to get one. Even if that means actually buying it. Teleporting is ok, but I’d really like to comfortably move smoothly.

Well, the minecart mount is the closest thing I can think of.

You can get it from ancient mines dungeons

Then that’s my goal until they add more options.

Need a lvl 30 to handle mines, and a group. Can’t queue up for mines, have to go to the entrance yourself. It’s in the cave in Wilderness.

Time to get that million dram mount baby!!

it’s 10 million! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it used to be a million but I recently had a look and was disappointed lol

nah, it’s 1 million. If it was 10 mill you wouldn’t be able to get it since the dram cap per character is 5 mill

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That looks like 10 Million to me!

sorry, your eyes are deceiving you


LOL yeah they are… what a blessing that it’s not 10 haha

Right on, I am about 50 percent there rather than 5 percent.

If it helps for the nausea, I found that playing sitting helps alot for that. I used to be able to play vr for only 30 minutes at first and now I can do 16 hours straight and not think too much of it.


I haven’t used it personally so it might not be great but there is a rocket mount from one of the highsteppe npc reputation unlocks that might be what your looking for with a more visual mount in front of you

For what it’s worth, I get super motion sick and it bothered me too. After playing for a few weeks (needing to lift my head gear off every once in awhile during play or even get fresh air) I noticed I no longer felt sick anymore and couple play for hours. I haven’t played in awhile for personal reasons and I’m back to feeling sick again so will need to get my body to adjust again. Hang in there and keep playing with it enabled and just take breaks as needed, your body/mind will adjust to the game.

I bought some ginger today. I’m going to try to get used to smooth movement with some help from a natural nausea fighter. I feel confident that I can feel better if I train myself like you have. Eventually, I’ll be smoothly walking with the cool crowd.

do make sure to take breaks when you start feeling ill tho, if you try forcing through it you’ll likely end up with worse motion sickness.