Move controls and headtrack

Hello! Is it possible to play Orbus using PSmove controllers along with googleCardboard? (I dont have HTC Vive since it’s too much expensive). Thanks in advance.

can anybody test it for me?!

I’m not sure you can, because from personal experience, you have to move your hands A LOT to get anything done, so without the htc vive or an oculus touch, you can’t really do anything except walk around.

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So there are two basic requirements right now:

  1. You must have motion controllers (e.g. Rift Touch or Vive).

  2. You must have a setup that works with SteamVR/OpenVR.

I have no idea if the PSMove works with Google Cardboard and that works with SteamVR, but I don’t think it does, so no I don’t think it will work.

I didn’t get a chance to check out the tests prior to Kickstarter, but how will future ones launch? Will it be different from the final game? If Skie is talking about RiftCat, it should work if it launches through SteamVR. (Even if that means waiting until the full game is out on Steam)
I’ve been using RiftCat happily with game-pad games for a week or two. I’ll test it with the NOLO motion controls in May/June whenever they arrive, so we’ll see for sure then.

At this point we don’t have any plans to bring it to separate platforms as a different game. So basically if it works with SteamVR you’d be playing the same game. But it would not be “officially” supported so I can’t really give any support for it if it doesn’t work. But if it works with SteamVR it should in theory work.

RiftCat/NOLO emulate the Vive, as well as its motion controls and room-scale, so if it didn’t work it would be a problem on their end. I’ve used it to emulate the Vive for a bit so far so I’m not too worried about that though. I was more trying to find out how the test clients for Orbus are released?
If they come as a download that runs outside of Steam I probably won’t be able to participate (which is more or less what I expected when I backed the project, so no worries there) and will need to wait for the final release on Steam. I could’ve just been patient and waited for the next tests, but figured I’d ask since someone already made a similar topic.

So it is a launcher that is outside of Steam currently. That said, when you launch the game it will launch SteamVR automatically (or launch Oculus if you are using Rift).

Interesting, I think it should work just fine then.