Move Darius inside the house behind him

I don’t know how to spell his name off the bat x3

So, I took a look in the house behind the hunter and heard some good music. Not only that, I saw a desk and a trap or two.

I thought to myself “did the devs plan on Darius being in the house?” The more I thought about it, the more I’d like to see it.

So, I’d like to see how many people would like to see that too. And if you haven’t already looked in the house, go ahead and do so. It’s not just an empty room and the music in there is pretty good.

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Fun fact, I think he used to be in there, but he wouldn’t really be visible to new players.

This was before we had the mission markers through walls though.


I see, makes sense as he is one of the first in the quest line. I would like to see that idea fleshed out a bit :slight_smile: maybe add a hanging sign on the house to indicate that he is there too as well as a window so players can see him at his desk wben they walk by. The music in there is pretty nice and would like to see what you guys had planned for him. Would be a nice change of scenery too for older players.

If you and the team have some time of course.