Movement Feedback

Just some feedback about issues with movement I’ve been having.

As many people have mentioned already, on the Vive controllers sometimes you get ‘stuck’ and have to teleport to start moving with strafe again.

Sometimes I can’t get close to enemies, doors and other things by strafing and have to teleport. Sometimes it’s far enough that I have to physically move forward to swing a sword at the enemy and hit or to turn the door handle.

Hi, thanks for reporting. We’re tracking down the “stuck” bug and will hopefully have a fix for it soon.

For the other one, you’re saying that the limit of the teleport grid is sometimes not close enough to the object?

Yes this is definitly the case… it feels like the Guardian system is holding you back from being able to reach stuff. Especially true for those that have really “maxed” out the Guardian net along walls and such.

Same when u get tired and play sitting down. you would have to get up and move towards the Guardian border to reach CHESTs and door handles.

It happens more often with smooth locomotion.

Here’s a quick video. I’ve left it unlisted so only those with the link can see it.

The whole time I was trying to get up to the door with smooth locomotion, but I stopped short of being able to reach it at 8 seconds into the video. I needed to teleport to get into place.

I’ve had with happen with the Witch’s cave door, the Chef house’s door and sometimes the Redtail enemies.

I’ve also had it where I couldn’t seem to teleport closer and had to physically move closer.

To me, this seems to be caused by overlapping hit boxes with other players or things. Like in the graveyard or outside your house. Sometimes it happens with gathering nodes after you’ve picked them. sometimes as a warrior, you’ve charged or dashed or whatever it’s called, inside the enemy hit box and it happens there too.
I can only suggest making the porch of the houses, airship docks and the graveyard have no hit box detection.

I noticed that when I was getting stuck I was at the edge of the map’s teleport-map.

In other words, if you switch to teleport-movement and use it you will see that all of the teleport SPOTS are hexes attached to each other.

I think the smooth-movement gets trapped in those hex edges.

When it happens in large areas I think we are hitting the map “edge” of hexes before the next maps hexes load.

Try it at a doorway. Switch back and forth between teleport and smooth and I think in each case we hit map edge hexes.

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