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Please allow us to disable one of the touchpads smooth locomotions. I am always accidentally touching my offhand touchpad and it really messes with my movement.


I actually can agree to this.
Hoping they make this an option and potentially in the future adding some kind of armswinger option. I have always found it feels better to move and make your character move rather then to glide or teleport.


Isnt that part of the normal settings though or are you talking about doing a hard press on a direction instead of touchpad? Otherwise I am just thinking of teleport.


I was thinking of more an entire different locomotion. Iv seen it done in games like H3 or Gorn, where you press a button. move your controler behind you then use your other controller to do the same. making a running motion with your arms to kind of throw your character forward.


The only problem that I can see with this is also I problem I wanted to bring up. Right now in beta, if you have gesture control to bring up the map, you actually can do that with any little downward movement, whether you have the trigger clicked or not to actually do the process. So walking like this would actually cause you to constantly bring up the menu if you had it selected. Another thing is you gotta realize how small the gorn map is. (I have gorn not H3). Imagine doing that motion over and over in a massive world. You would get very tired very quickly and your performance in combat would be diminished. It can be very tiring and definitely not practical for all classes. The musketeer would not have a problem as they have a free hand usually anyway for potions or w.e. while everyone else either has their hands full, or cannot move while doing things anyway. As game devs, they had to think of all this and I believe thats why they didnt add it.

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