Movement speed increase is needed

So I walk everywhere, I suck at casting, and can barely manage a portal to HS. Walking speed is slow enuff that I fell asleep sitting in the chair walking from HS to Wenderwood. I think I am not going to do anymore quests because the walk is just too much of a grind.

Any chance of a “fix” of some sort? If you feel you have movement speed balanced with combat currently, then how about other options. How about you implement a road system that when you are on the road your movement speed increases. Maby and out of combat run. Something is needed.

I want to see where the quests go, but the GRIND of walking is killing me. If i happen to be where a quest is Ill do it, but then it turns it into just a game instead of a coherent story line to follow.


I noticed yesterday that walking is slower than teleporting. I was significantly faster than Pyrarrows who was walking when I was teleporting even when he had both hands on the trackpad.

Noticed this as well. Not sure if it’s actually too slow now or we were just spoiled with the exploit. I’d like an out of combat run option even if it had its own stamina bar

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It would be cool if you unequipped your weapons so nothing is in your hands, you should be able to run faster.


I agree with Loagn. An out of combat run option would be amazing.

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I would settle for more teleport locations.

Lots of teleport nodes around that are inactive

I’m sure most folks already know this, but just in case someone doesn’t: Make sure you’re holding the trackpad (and whatever the rift equivalent is.) forward on both controllers. You’ll go slightly faster than if you were only holding one.

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I’m actually so bad at casting portal spells that it’s faster for me to walk everywhere. also the way quests are design is kinda terrible about having you walk all across the world constantly. That said i don’t find walking too slow.

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I personally wouldn’t mind a Final Fantasy style transportation system. Every town has a Wagoneer (chocobo) you can hire to send you to other Wagoneer points previously visited for a price. Previously visited is a must so you have to walk it at least once to learn and see the countryside. You pay him to go to a certain town and he transports you and automatically drops you there, so you can take off the headset and take a pee/smoke break, come back and your there.

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both track pad speed works when i’ve got empty hands or musket out - but not when i have the wand out

Just discovered this as well, made my treks so much easier.