Movies Crashing

Hey there,

We’ve received bug reports from a few people who are having issues where their game is crashing when a movie should play (such as right after talking to Bishop Roma in Highsteppe on the “Celebration” quest).

If that’s happening to you, please let us know here so we can hopefully start to track down the issue. In particular, please tell me:

  1. Your computer specs (e.g. GPU and CPU)
  2. If you are on Vive or Rift
  3. Does pressing the Menu button repeatedly right when the movie is about to start help?
  4. Do you see it fade to black before the crash? Or does it just crash right away?


i do spam that button and nothing happens.

the screen does the losing screen as if i’m entering a new zone. but it stays there. and when i take my headset off it shows that the client has crashed. and asks me to send a report to microsoft or windows or some shit.

I use a vive.

My pc is right in the middle, not great not bad just good enough. i don’t typically have these issues with games. IDK my specs, custom built Xidax PC

Oh okay, can you look in /resources/app/client? There might be some folders there with like the date and time. If there are can you ZIP them up and send them to me at Thanks!

there are some but not with today’s date on them :frowning:

For those of you having this issue, can you try using this alternate version? It will disable the movies for you for now so you can at least keep playing the game:

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1.) Intel Core i5 6600k, GeForce 1060 6GB
2.) Rift
3.) Menu button mash does not work
4.) Brief fade to black (maybe half a second or less, then it closes the game, no error message or sound, and goes to the oculus home.

  • I am having the crash after turning in the quest to the mayor for the tent pegs, the rope, and the hammer, after clicking continue when Lord Lenneth says "The speech is about to begin, we best go see what the Bishop has to say.

Let me know if there is any more information i can give you,


Thanks, Deme, sorry about that. If you download that build I linked in my previous post in this thread, you can at least continue on with your questing.

I could do that, but I havent yet incase there is more i can help do to solve this issue, currently trying a few different things with no luck lol!

currently i am browsing around in the “/resources/app/client” folder to see if there is anything that might be worth sending your way

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