Moving around on the airship

I get that this is very minor, but the anticipation and experience of trying out the airship was for me and my friend one of the early highlights of the game, also shows off social features since you’ll usually be travelling with others. This is all kind of spoiled by not being able to move though and all just stacking in a pile, I want to peak over the railing and stuff.


I agree, super minor, but… Totally agree with you that one of the most awesome elements for me was the idea of running over to the edge and looking down.

There are those who will be in the middle who can’t because of the motion sickness haha.
Might have to have a ‘kill box’ of sorts below the ship though, stop people firing spells and arrows over the edge and winding up mobs along the way :smiley:

I agree I was shocked that we couldn’t move inside the airship. I feel like I know why though. If I fire arrows by the time it gets out it’s a million miles away. Might be the same thing for movement. Could just be a bandaid.

For the waitingtime it will be fine to look in the journal, but i fly away :smiley:

When I saw this game has real time air ships I got some nostalgic glee from my FFXI days but was pretty dissapointed when you got on you were stuck in place with no in flight music and just the blades noises.

It is a simple thing but moving around and having a simple fun tune while on it would be great


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