MSQ - Visually update shanty town highsteppe into preborn glorious guild city quality

Firstly to immediately derail my thread I’d like to ask why anyone would hollow out a beautiful giant tree to put a little fire in the middle of it & some random people, as opposed to not building around it. You should just change this & one easy fix would be to build a circular deck area around the center of the tree. Or put those NPCS in all the empty houses you have.

On to the main point. Highsteppe looks awful compared to the old guild city, nor has the charm of the small old highsteppe. It would be nice as part of MSQ that as you progress, similar to other locations, Highsteppe receives small visual upgrades. Or maybe a separate questline of rebuilding highsteppe. Basically, the shape & buildings would remain the same so that all players are in-sync, but the appearance would update.

I get that it’s a type of aesthetic, but there’s no “appeasal” for people who don’t want to live in the slums. Let people toggle the old visuals if they want.

I also extremely dislike the shanty-town SFX of Highsteppe, personally… some kind of ability to choose the music in town would be nice (as players spend a large amount of time in highsteppe lol). Maybe an NPC you talk to & can change up the song?

The dirt caves downstairs also look atrocious. Can we get some flooring? Walls?

Also, plz, plz plz:

The poop that is everywhere that literally every player I know thinks is disgusting:

Why not mouseholes in walls?


When Reborn First Released I assumed We were going to be repairing it , I think one quest even hints that you are in the “repair process” however that never happened and highsteppe still has boards nailed randomly to walls, Forks in the fellowship courtyard , a massive wound to the life-giving tree that is preventing us from warping into essence monsters … chaos gods …

Let us start a mob mill and start killing all the tree based mobs for “logs with faces” and rebuild our town in the image of what we are , destructive parasites.

let them all look down from the walls eyes still in place at the wonder we have created.

Let me fuel the walls with runemage reagents so that the logs may continue a semblance of life silently screaming all the while as we cackle in glee and welcome the citadel with open arms.

Eats Nightmare Flower

But yes , I agree with above statements.
I want to live in a Living world not a Static one.

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Ummm, have you tried joining the scavs? I think they have a tree in the Wastelands.

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one they are smart enough not to have a giant fire pit inside of, for no reason :sweat_smile:


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