Mugwood village partner quest bugged?

So I followed this lizard and fought off bugs that attacked. At one point he starts digging in the ground, and Im waiting for over 20 minutes before I eventually give up and walk away. Is this a bug or are we supposed to wait 20+ min for this guy to dig ?

He does that and it takes some times. There will spawn a new group of enemy’s eventually, then he will continue his walk to his destination.
I had the same feeling when doing this part of the quest.
Try killing everything within render range from his position.

I did this on an alt character recently. It’s definitely a bug. I killed everything in the area and he just stood there until the mobs spawned back and then rinse, repeat but still no movement. I tried a couple times but it continuously happened

It sounds like a bug, he “digs” when aggroed by a monster and wont continue on his path until no longer aggroed, well take a look at this quest this week.

Ooooh I would remove that logic because it is impossible to guarantee currently that a player does not get stuck in combat. As would also be the case for a NPC.

This happened to us the first time. We had to go entirely out of mugwood to restart the quest.