Multiclass Desynch 4

I’m starting to think my client is bugged.


I never thought to use my shaman mask as a gun! Learn something new from Mishka every day… :rofl:


Scott mentioned that it happens more frequently when movign? I’ve been trying and I think noticing that. If I stand still, I’m less likely to have a class desync than if I try to switch classes when movie

Just happened in Lamavora while stationary.


Happened to me 3 times in a row in Huthines & Lamvora tonight.

Thank you for the clip and for reporting it, we’re still investigating this issue.

Is it possible that my client is bugged? I get this issue every third or fourth time I change classes.

It might be related to how much information is on your character data taking a while to load, number of loadouts, something like that. We have to test it more with a full character.


Daynab over here low key telling me to finish all those long term missions I’ve been hoarding lol


When this happens, I switch to a class that is unrelated to the multi class desynch then switch back to the intended class and it clears up the desynch

That does not work for me unless I swap to the off hand, which reduces me to nearly unbending health. Not a great idea when I’m doing shards. Especially reflective, virus, or shared pain.

@Mathieu_D When you say character data and number of loadouts, can you elaborate? Would putting loadouts in the stash that we don’t use or unlocking gear have any effect on this you think? It might be worth having a stash page just for gear sets we don’t plan to use in a raid if it means less chance these bugs will occur during crucial moments. I’d be happy to test these out if you can give a bit more clarity to what would effect the character data overall (and test it on my alt if stashing the gear isn’t enough since he only has 2 loadouts at the moment).


That really shouldn’t matter though unless you are assuming a specific timing from the switch to populated values, rather than actually interval checking or load event checking (insert a multitude of other methods). And using loose timings is never a good idea, especially when we are talking functionality that has to work on a multitude of different hardware, platforms and is client/server communication dependant on top!

Sorry for possibly sounding rude without (of course) knowing anything about how the actual code is set up, but if it is anything less of properly checking states as well as having error handling if the expected states do not happen, it is bound to generate issues.

While it is obviously not my place to tell you how to develop your product, i will risk posting this anyway since it is a method of programming i have personally tried which works very well, especially for reducing errors with minimal extra effort:

XP (eXtreme Programming)

I specifically recommend the “Test-first” programming approach (unit tests).

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