Multiple maps or only one starter map?

Just curious, but will it be possible to acquire additional maps or is the starting map the only one?

Yes you can through main story questing, you’ll receive the next one of the area around Guild City from a man in the Order Fort

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Ok cheers. I’ve been wandering around on and off the map killing things and doing some quests. To be honest though, I think I’ve missed something in the story line. I’ll head back to Guild City and try to find out what I missed.


I don’t know how far along the storyline I have to wait before I get the map, but I’ve just been sent to a tower to help out there. I found it by chance because I was only given the tower’s name, but no directions.

It might be unrelated, but although Bishop Roma appears to have a quest for me, he only tells me that he’s glad he brought me to the area and won’t give me any more info.

I adjusted the quest text a little more as some other players were also having problems finding the guard outpost. You are on the right track but havent made it to the quest with the map yet


I have the first two maps, but that is it- are there more to discover beyond that?

Yes, there is at least a third (which I have) and most likely 6 more (one for each area).

I just got the 3rd( jungle ) tonight

Cool. We should earn a 4th map through the story. There may be other maps available through other means, but we don’t know yet. I don’t think all zones are available just yet so it’s most likely that the corresponding maps also aren’t available.

I got a 4th as well. ( Desert )

Are you talking about the guard that tells you to go to the top of his tower near Wenderwood and “get a lay of the lands” before sending you off on his first quest? I’ve done that, finished his full questline, and still only have the starter map (currently on the quest to gather the last meal for a prisoner). Should I have the next map by now?

Edit: nevermind, apparently I will get the map as soon as I finish my current quest.

you get it from the guy you are gathering the food for, as it has a location marked on it that he wants you to go to.

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Too fast for me, hah. Just found that out in a separate thread. You are on top of your forum game!

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