Multiple Weapon Types


So I’ve seen smaller tidbits of these idea being thrown out, but I haven’t seen anyone really playing off of them yet.

Something I feel would give the classes a bit more variety would be alternate weapon types.
Now to start I know that with the current system changing weapons basically changes your class, but what I am proposing would be to alter the existing play-styles of the the current (or future) classes

An Example of this for warrior would be a more DPS oriented warrior (Two handed sword, duel-wielding, offhand weapon or more offensive horn options, etc)

For a ranger you could do like a dagger, more arrow slots, crossbow?

Runemage you could probably do like a staff, a general spellbook user (think casting spells directly from a book)

Musketeer would have other gun types, pistols, shotguns, maybe scoped rifles, etc.

The ideas right now lack description but I think this does get the point across.
Essentially allowing choices to the classes while still keeping to the class fantasy

Any thoughts, ideas or additions? Does anything feel that would cause balancing issues, or does anyone know if they even have plans on doing something similar in the future?


I’ve been digging the idea of a runemage that can heal, but I completely forgot about a spellbook!

The two handed swoord is a cool idea or a big big big big big axe, i love big big big big big axes.


honestly why cant the ranger stab animals with just the arrow? It could be a melee of sorts could look sick

This would be really cool. I personally would like to play a more melee dps role (daggers, dual swords, 2h, etc) as I really don’t like the Sword and Board style.

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