Musical instruments?



Ok hear me out first. what if instruments were added like a lute, drums, or something simple like that?
it would make for so much fun to sit around a camp fire ingame while another player is singing and playing
it does not even have to be a real instrument just something that can be played in VR


The Mic on the Rift is actually pretty good, and can pick up acoustic instruments pretty well on its own.


Yah, I agree that instruments are a natural add on for the game (already have the warrior horn). They fit for the genre (bard class in most fantasy MMOs) and I think it would work really really well in VR. Imagine getting a speed boost buff while you are actually drumming a hand drum or a heal buff while actually strumming a lute…or putting a mob to sleep while playing a flute. Bards are usually my favorite class in MMOs…I was kind of hoping that there would be more instruments in game.