Musketeer Buffing

I understand that the musketeer is a support class, but it’s still too weak in my opinion.

A small increase to the rate of fire would be largely beneficial. The player still has to manually fire, so it would not break the game. The increase should be large enough that musketeers have a chance when solo.

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I’ve never had a problem as solo muskie. Only the healing red mobs give me grief, but that’s the case with every class.

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the class seems like it shines in group play. i’m lvling it alongside my warrior as an offspec because I love healing in MMOs. when I play my musketeer i literally semi afk and just keep flicking the triggers and stuffing orbs

I was having a lot of trouble before realizing you can heal and buff yourself if you shoot at your feet. After that it was smooth sailing.

If you are in VR you are AFK. The physical one at least. :rofl:

i rerolled a musketeer, which is now level 15 and can solo pretty easily lvl 19 mob… as a mage the max i could do was Red mobs…

When the enemy is in melee, you can also shoot it to heal yourself while dealing normal bullet damage to it (as every orb also deals normal bullet damage, and the orb effect is AoE). I used to shoot regens at the floor until I discovered that.

Also for the OP: I’m only level 8 for now, but I’ve had no problem soloing at all. Is it slow? Yes. Is it repetitive and kinda boring? Yes. But musketeer is a party discipline more so than the rest, being a support and all.

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