Musketeer bug: Turret stops working, can't be thrown out

Tonight, multiple times (~4-5), I would use my turret, run to a new location, grab the blue turret ghost to throw it out once more at my new location, and it would not spawn. The only fix I found was logging out of the game and back in.

Video example:

Hi, thanks for reporting this - we’ll take a look and see what we can find. Have you noticed it happening before or if you were doing any specific before it started to happen?

It seems to happen when I throw out the turret and then run to a new location a fair distance away. I know that probably doesn’t help much, but it also only happens with the turret in “cool down” I.e it is blue.

Thanks for the reply.

This should be a long lasting common frustrating bug standing on the dev bug list?.. My turret and many musky turret bugs all the time if I play musky. And will only come back after class switch/relog.

(No pattern to is breaking, just like scoundrel cards and shaman totems)

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