Musketeer bugs and technical issues


So a couple days ago (this weekend was super busy for me so sorry for the delay in the post) I was in a dungeon as my muskie and maybe 1/2 way through the dungeon I could not grab my turret or any of my orbs, I had to log out then back in, that did not fix the problem so had to close out the game client then restart and that fixed it for about 20 minutes until it happened again. This happened on both Thursday and Friday. This morning before work I was doing some public events with some friends before work and one of them was a muskie, when before we started the public event in the wastelands he noticed that he could not grab his turret or orbs, he closed out the game client and restarted and that seemed to work for him.

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Hi, sorry about the issues. If this happens again, could you send us your output_log.txt file? You can find it in C:\Users\Name\AppData\LocalLow\Orbus Online, LLC\OrbusVR\output_log.txt

Send it to [email protected] and just mention that you aren’t able to grab any of your class items or orbs.

We’ll take a look at it. Thanks!


Do you remember when you couldn’t grab the items, was it actually highlighting your hand yellow and just pressing the grip button didn’t do anything, or was it acting like it wouldn’t highlight yellow and there was nothing to grab at all?


I’m pretty sure I’ve had this where my hand would highlight yellow but not grip


The turret when going to grab would highlight yellow but could not grab, the orbs, no yellow, would try to grab and could not.