Musketeer DPS Super

I like the current musketeer super. Its great for healing, but it doesn’t seem as good for dps. Getting a reset on your poison and debuff orbs isn’t that great, and the ice orb does almost no damage right now. The only non-healer orb that gets a bonus from this is the gravity one.

If the game ever gets to a point where more is added to separate a healing musketeer from a dps one, I think a Borderlands berserker super would be great.

For those that haven’t played Borderlands games, there are characters that can dual wield guns. Its usually an ability with a cooldown, which also greatly increases fire rate. The burst DPs is fantastic.

I think this would be very fun in VR. The guns could randomly cycle through the bullets that are equipped, since no hand would be available to load them. Maybe a 5-10 seconds duration, depending on how much of a damage increase it is on average? Shoot like a psychopath for the duration.

Musketeer is a support and is not intended to have as much dps as ranger or runemage (as stated by the devs). The current supper already provides a dps boost in poison orb and weakness, as you said. Don’t forget weakness ads 5% dps to the whole group, not only the musketeer.

If more supers were added, I’d like to see another support option, like an AoE CC super. That being said I think the current one is fine.

Trust me even with a dps super we would be nowhere near the dps of a mage or hunter.

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