Musketeer: Icon to Indicate when Sentry is off Cooldown



Title says it all I think – i’d like to be able to know when my sentry comes off cooldown when i’m healing for a dungeon so I can trigger an AoE buff off the old sentry and immediately redeploy the new one. I’m pretty sure other classes have these kinds of ability indicators where the buff icons usually go along the top of their weapons (ranger’s charge shot comes to mind). Right now the only way to check if your sentry is off CD is to look down at your chest, but doing so can wreck your concentration.


Sentry = Turret?

Sorry, i’m german and the direct translation makes no sense for me :wink:


@Saikorera yes. Also, apparently this post needs to be at least 20 characters so here’s another sentence.


OK, now i understand :slight_smile:

The same for the ranger and his arrows. I think there has to be a limit somewhere how much buffs/icons are direct visible at your weapon/shild. Or its possible for each player in the options to switch it on/off.

on the other way as a ranger you get a feeling for the time of the arrows. the time for the turret is too long to get a good timefeeling for the respawntimer.


@Saikotera I agree, I haven’t tested but think the CD on the turret is like 20+ seconds, which is too long to be able to keep track of in your head


I would love to see an icon so that I know when to redeploy my turret, at the same time the turret itself provides very noticeable sounds when it’s working and it’s heal/damage is clear when in combat so it’s fairly simple to tell when it’s not working.

Icon for turret? Yes please


Put a countdown timer above the turret so that you can actually see it in the dark and kill two birds with one stone.


Or even just change the color of the turret based on how much time is left. As you use the turret it would become obvious what the colors indicate with time remaining.

Edit…that being said, it can be hard to locate where the turret is in the world…icon might be better.


Just the standard clockwise fill-in icon would be good, so it’ll be handy on your weapon vs in a random location


I like the icon above the turret idea in addition to the ability CD on the weapon, it is very frustrating in a hectic fight not to be able to locate it in time for a clutch Rez or AoE shield


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